Customer satisfaction takes care of our order books.

And it does it very effectively.

We are deeply committed to our customers' projects, which ensures success and satisfaction.

This is why they come back to us when they need us. This also applies to our projects: Anyone who has worked with us once, comes back to do it again. What are the reasons behind this? Let us sum them up for you:

  • Our customers know that we understand our craft, that we keep to our schedule and budget and that once the property is finished it will "work".
  • SPITZNER PROJEKT focuses on requirements, feasibility and customer preferences – and stands for economic efficiency, function and added value.
  • The added value is evidenced by the design and architectural quality. We also provide added value by solving potential problems before they even become problems.
  • We are not simply creative in the planning stage. We also provide a wealth of ideas for implementation.
  • Our team of architects and engineers works interactively together, which ensures good technical solutions and high-quality structures.
  • We are committed to our customers and their projects from start to finish.
  • Our customers value our cost control system. With it they are always in control of costs.